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We raise hand-fed babies for good homes. Playful, cuddly, commical - they make great pets for the whole family.

Expected to have For Sale This Year: 


Jenday conure, Yellow sided green cheek conures, Cinnamon green cheek conures, Turquoise green cheek conures
Bluefons  macaws,  Verde macaws, Catalina macaws, Panama amazons, Rainbow lories,  Cockatiels cinnamon pied
text 805-338-3549
  Birds in red are available





Above are the species of babies we have for sale at this time. All our babies are hand-fed, well socialized, and allowed to fly while they are weaning. Most babies will already know how to fly to you once they leave our facility should you desire to keep their wings unclipped. If you want us to train them to fly to you and plan to keep them unclipped you can request this when placing your deposit.

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